Centreless Grinding Bar Services

Our skilled operators provide a thru-feed and in-feed centreless grinding service to exceptionally close tolerances throughout the UK and Ireland. We can supply a wide variety of engineering metals and plastics.

Our exceptionally high processing capabilities make us the perfect partner for finishing your valves, spools, medical instruments and many other critical components. Many of our customers consider our team as part of their team as we complement our customer’s in-house team adding value, efficiencies and cost-saving benefits.


Dimensional and Tolerance Capabilities

12 ft. Bars Cut-lengths
Diameters .040 to 3.00″ .005″ to 3.00″
Diameter Tolerances to .0001″ to .000040″ (40 millionths)
Roundness to .000020″ (20 millionths) to .000020″ (20 millionths)
Straightness to .003″ per ft. to .0005″ per ft.
Surface Finish to 8 Ra to 2 Ra

Talk to us

If you require further information about our centreless grinding service, including turn around times, pricing and your specific requirements, please contact:

Chris Clarke at +353 1 451 2144 or email
Martin Geaney at +353 21 486 6006 or email

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