Centreless Ground Alloys and Engineered Plastics

We stock and supply precision bar materials for a comprehensive range of machining requirements. Our expert team will precision grind both metal and engineering plastics to your exact needs and specifications from our extensive range of stock. If we do not have the material you require in stock, we will source the highest quality material from our trusted network of international distributors and mills. 

By availing of our first class service and grinding capabilities, you will benefit dramatically in reducing manufacturing and R&D costs and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Here is a sample of the most in-demand stock that is available for centreless grinding. If you require another grade, please contact our team, who will be happy to source it on your behalf.

Steel Bar

080M40/080A42 Bright Bar (EN8) 230M07/11SMn30 Bright Bar (EN1A)
817M40T Bright Bar (En24T) 070M55 Hot Rolled Bar (En9)
42CrMo4 Q&T (EN19T) Bright Bar S355J2 Bright Bar
SAE 8620 Peeled Bar C45 Peeled Bar


Aluminium Bar Alloy 2011 Aluminium Bar Alloy 6026
Aluminium Bar Alloy 6082 Aluminium Bar Alloy 7075

Stainless Steel

304L/1.4307 Stainless Bar 316L/1.4404 Stainless Bar
1.4571 Stainless Bar 316Ti UNS31803 Duplex Bar
UNS S32750 Duplex Bar UNS S32760 Duplex Bar
17/4 PH Annealed Stainless Bar 416 Stainless Bar
431/1.4057 Stainless Bar 304L/1.4307 Stainless Hollow bar


Aluminium Bronze Brass Bar CZ121
Copper C109 Bar SAE 660 Bronze Bar

Nickel Alloys

Nickel Alloy 400 Nickel Alloy 600
Nickel Alloy 625 Nickel Alloy 718
Low Expansion Alloy 42 (Nilo 42)  

Tool Steels

1.2083 Stainless Plastic Mould Bar D2 Tool Bar

Engineering Plastics

Acetal Delrin
Acetal Delrin POM-H-Black
Acetal Delrin POM-H-Natural
Acetal Inductive Detectable POM-C
Acetal POM-C-Black
Acetal POM-C-Natural
Acetal POM-C ESD
Acetal POM-C Medical Grade Various Colours
Acetal POM-C Medical Grade EN1020-2.2 USP Class V1
Cast & Extruded Nylon
Cast Nylon-Black
Cast Nylon-Natural
Extruded Nylon 6-Black
Extruded Nyon 6-Natural
Extruded Nylon 6 GF30-Black
Extruded Nylon 66-Black
Extruded Nylon 66-Natural
Extruded Nylon66 GF30-Black
Polycarbonate GF30
Polycarbonate Engineering Grade
Polycarbonate Medical Grade
Polyester – Black
Polyester – White
PTFE Teflon – Natural
Peek ELS Nano-Black
Peek GF30
Peek ID
Peek MT-Natural
Peek PVX-Black
Polyimide Tecasint
PPS Tecatron
PPSU Tecason
PEI Tecapei
Polyethylene & Polypropylene
Polypropylene Round

Talk to us

If you require further information about our centreless grinding service, including turn around times, pricing and your specific requirements, please contact:

Chris Clarke at +353 1 451 2144 or email
Martin Geaney at +353 21 486 6006 or email

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