Privacy Policy

Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd is committed to its obligations under applicable data protection laws. This privacy policy explains how Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd will handle your personal information.

Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd uses established and exacting security standards to protect customers/suppliers and employee information from unauthorised access.

Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd verifies the identity of its customers/suppliers and employees through the use of passwords or other information before assisting them.

Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd also uses vigilant protection measures in order to protect its customers/suppliers and employee’s information from fraudulent use.

The personal information that Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd collects may include the following:

Information Customer/Suppliers Employee
Email address
Phone number
Bank account details
Next of kin details
Employment history details
Wage information
Medical/illness history and conditions
Disciplinary records, and all relevant data necessary for Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd to comply with its obligation under the relevant acts.
PPS number
Training and performance records

Personal Information

1. Employees

Personal information may be stored by Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd on a computerised database and/or in any other secure manner. Any personal information which is provided to Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd upon commencement of employment will be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of your employment contract and in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018 and amended GDPR 2018.
Access to personal information is restricted to Directors and departmental managers.

2. Customers/Suppliers

Personal information requested from customers/suppliers is necessary to allow Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd to properly and appropriately provide or administer its products and services. An absence of sufficient information in this regard may give rise to Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd being unable to provide such products or services to the customer/suppliers in the appropriate manner.

3. Usage of Personal Information

3.1 Employees

Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd may use employee information, and may disclose it to other members of its group; partners or agents, for the following purposes:

  • When an employee applies for promotion.
  • Any process or procedure pursuant to employment/safety or administrate obligations.
  • To carry out searches regarding employment history and legal purposes.
  • To provide your personal information to third party processors and contractors who provide services to Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd such as IT systems providers, HR & Employment Law service providers and professional services firms.
  • To prevent and detect fraud, or other unlawful activity and to trace those responsible.
  • To carry out statistical analysis and market research or to instruct a third party to perform this on our behalf any other lawful purpose.
3.2 Customers/Suppliers

Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd may use customer/supplier information, and may disclose it to other members of its group; partners or agents, for the following purposes:

  • To assist in responding to inquiries, including answering questions on pricing, product and service information relating to Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd.
  • To request opinion and feedback on areas of the site or in connection with our services.
  • Where Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd discloses personal information to third parties it ensures that it has an appropriate contract in place that protects your personal information and complies with its obligations under the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018 and GDPR 2018.

4. Sale of the Employers Business

4.1 Employees

In the event that Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd as a whole or any part of the business is acquired by a third party, we may disclose personal information held for employees pursuant to TUPE as part of any due diligence process. Where we make such disclosures we will do so subject to strict confidentiality agreements.

4.2 Customer/Supplier

Where there is a transfer of our business, or any part of it, to a third party, we may transfer customer/supplier personal information to that third party in order to allow them to continue to provide services to customers/suppliers.

5. Telephone Calls

Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd may record inbound and outbound telephone calls for quality assurance and training purposes.


Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd may hold footage on behalf of its employees and customers/suppliers. Any footage held by Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd is purely for health, safety, security and investigation reasons. Written requests for footage can be made to the manager. All recorded footage is automatically stored on the CCTV internal hard drive for a period no longer than 2 months before it is automatically overwritten by the CCTV DVR. Any footage copied onto external storage devices is only done so at the request of management in order to preserve CCTV footage for the purposes of carrying out investigations regarding security, disciplinary and health and safety issues.

7. Right to access, rectification or erasure of data

Under the Data Protection Acts 1988 to 2018, employees and customers/suppliers have the right of access to personal information held on record by Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd on payment of a nominal fee (currently €6.35). Employees and customers/suppliers are also entitled to have personal data corrected if inaccurate or erased if there is no legitimate reason for retaining the data.
Data will be erased of by means of shredding for physical documents and in the case of digital data, it will be deleted from the computer database by the system administrator.
For further information, please write to Noel Horan.

8. Changes to our policy

Impact Ireland (Metals) Ltd may changes to this policy and data protection notice from time to time. When such a change is made, a revised version will be posted on the company website. Changes will be effective when they are posted.

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